About the beauty of the amphibians the French philosopher Voltaire already remarked: If you ask a toad what is beauty, it will answer: "My toads female with her two big, round, protruding eyes, her broad flat mouth, her yellow belly and brown hump."

No other group of animals shows the transition from water to land life as impressively as the amphibians. There are no other "wild" animal that can be met every year at a certain time and can be taken in hand. Because the complex habitat requirements of amphibians you can teach different age groups something about species and habitat protection. One advantage of the animal group is also the low number of species and the comparatively simple determinable species.

Main aims of the actions

  • get to know the diversity of local amphibians
  • identify relationships between body composition and adaptation of amphibians in their habitats
  • perceive protection and vulnerability of amphibians as a responsibility of the people 

A 1 Amphibian migration

Visit an amphibian migration trail, knowledge in species of adult animals, habitat change

A 2 Diversity of amphibians

Knowledge of all types of stages, explore amphibian habitats

A 3 Rearing tadpoles

Observe metamorphosis

A 4 Record amphibias occurence

Suggestions for scientific research in the high school; ecology, endangerment and protection

List of contact people for amphibians

Die Untere Naturschutzbehörde der Landratsämter oder die Bund Naturschutz-Kreisgruppe können den Kontakt zu den örtlichen Betreuern von Amphibienwanderwegen vermitteln. Diese haben Kenntnis über laufende und geplante Amphibienschutzaktionen, aber auch über Möglichkeiten zur Kooperation der Schulaktion mit laufenden Schutznahmen.
Über die Kreisgruppen des Bund Naturschutz laufen mit Tausenden von freiwilligen Helfern die Masse der ehrenamtlichen Hilfsaktionen in Bayern (Amphibienschutz an Straßen, Gewässer- und Lebensraumpflege; siehe Weitere wichtige Ansprechpartner sind die lokalen Landschaftspflegeverbände.

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