Permanent keeping of animals


To arouse interest in living and biological knowledge is essential to build a long-lasting motivation for keeping animals at school. Students practice responsibility and start an emotional relationship with the animals which are entrusted to them. In addition many students want their own animals but mostly they don’t know how to keep them. The permanent keeping of animals at school may choose a realistic decision for them to keep animals at home. Animals bring variety into the school routine but will be a multi-faceted challenge for teachers as well. First location, supply, the workload, security and ultimately the costs should to be clarified. A skilful organization and the use of terrarium and aquarium equipment prevent a greater effort keeping animals in classes. The “Vivarium” of the Apian-Gymnasium in Ingolstadt has more than 25 years experience in the attitude of various animal species. A part of this experience is described in this chapter.

Main aims of the actions

  • practice responsible use of living organisms
  • get knowledge about the requirements of the species
  • get to know animal welfare and put it into practice


A 1 Interrelationsships between environmental conditions and living in example of reptiles 

Warm-blooded and haematocryal living

A 2 Ecological niches of different species of fish in the school aquarium 

The principle of structure-function


List of contact people

 Das Vivarium des Apian-Gymnasiums Ingolstadt gibt interessierten Lehrkräften gerne Hilfestellung bei der Haltung von lebenden Tieren an der Schule. Wenden Sie sich entweder an das Sekretariat des Apian-Gymnasiums (Homepage: oder direkt an den Betreuer Markus Zeller (Email mit Betreff an: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

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