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The handbook contains on 550 pages tested educational materials, focusing on the direct encounter with living animals. For concrete activities together in one folder there are 64 actions animals of 12 different groups (for example birds, beavers, bats, butterflies, earthworms, snails). Two special chapters focus on the permanent keeping of animals in schools and animal tracks. The selected topics and animals are particularly suitable for school with reference to the curricula, hygiene, laws and availability.


Selection criteria for the actions

The actions were developed by a team of teachers from several school types and environmental trainers. In addition experts and representatives of various institutions, agencies and associations have been incorporated to consult all activities and actions.

The actions were selected by the following points:

  • suitability for teaching in all school levels
  • concrete connection to the curricula of all school types
  • possibility to use the proposals in the environmental education outside school
  • simple and tested actions
  • judicial and hygienic harmlessness
  • actions with mainly local animals

Orientation in the system folders by colours and Index pages

An overview of all actions shows the animal group, the content and the degree of difficulty as well as recommendations for the appropriate season and school year (Figure 1)

Each chapter contains basic aims which can be pursued by those actions. Furthermore it shows technical information, legal information and advice on dealing with the animals. In each chapter you can also find an annotated selection of literature, Internet addresses and a list of regional contacts in Bavaria (Figure 2).

In each chapter an overview shows all available actions and their objectives, a brief description of the content and the existing facilities (Figure 3).

A special feature are 35 foiled, weatherproof sheets for determination. They show the most common species in Bavaria (mostly in life-size) which can be used for a rapid determination in the field (Figure 4).

The CD-ROM contains:

  • PDF Documents of all Actions and attachments for separate prints
  • Application for exemption as a Word document
  • Database with approximately 100 figures
  • Excel spreadsheet with descriptions of the actions to search them by keywords

Use for instructional purposes is permitted. The CD-ROM and its contents may not be reproduced and given to third parties or openly on the Internet.

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