It‘s not just the climate change on its own but also the huge loss of biodiversity and habitats which is a central and global problem of mankind. Caused by this the Bavarian Ministry of Environment adopted a “Strategy for Preservation of Biological Diversity in Bavaria” in the beginning of April 2008. The Ministry intends to implement it together with the social groups involved. One aim is that Bavaria will strengthen environmental education.

The “Strategy for Preservation of Biological Diversity in Bavaria” contains four main aims:

  • ensure biodiversity
  • conserve the variety of habitats
  • improve the permeability of some migration obstacles like roads and railways (habitat connectivity)
  • strengthen environmental education

Environmental education is one of the most important aims to implement the biodiversity strategy. School classes play a decisive role: They can provide an environmental understanding so students get involved into the necessity of biodiversity. The project ”Tiere live” has got implemented to accomplish this aim.



One of the main aims of biology and environmental education is to promote the respectful and emotional understanding of children and youth for nature and environment. Students should comprehend animals as part of their environment and recognize the connection between biotopes and ecosystems. Also, they should be aware of the meaning of biodiversity.

One basic approach is the emotional involvement of children and youth. They can experience the fascination of nature by handling with living animals and being inspired by them, thus getting to know and appreciate them. Dealing with special animals helps students overcome possible prejudices or fears.


Partners and sponsors

“Tiere live” is a joint project of the Bavarian Academy for Nature Conservation and Landscape Management in Laufen (ANL) and the Academy for Teacher Training and Personnel Management in Dillingen (ALP).

The project is supported by the Bavarian State Ministry for Environment and Health (StMUG) and by the Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Culture (StMUK).

To support teachers and environmental trainers the academies developed a handbook, which includes all relevant information for teachers and environmental trainers. The materials are presented in the handbook “Tiere live” which is in form of a folder.

The first edition of the handbook was funded by the Bavarian State Ministry for Environment and Health to implement the Bavarian biodiversity campaign.


The Value of Biodiversity


The Value of Biodiversity – Tasks of Environmental Education at the Example of the “Tiere Live” Project

The article present the project "Tiere live" and selected results of a recent study, where the “Tiere live” project is connected to. “Tiere Live” is trying to mediate the value of Biodiversity as a task in scholastic and extracurricular environmental education.

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