Because snails are slow moving and easy to keep they’re excellent for teaching. They are easy to find and watch easily. Snails are also familiar to most urban children. Thus the starting point is the direct experience of students.
The aesthetics and diversity of native snails are faced with a very low popularity. Many people associate the topic with the endless battle against the seemingly invincible slugs in gardens. So our relationship to this interesting and extremely diverse group of animals is often reduced to a bogeyman. Triggers are especially prone to the mass proliferation of Spanish slugs and some other types of slugs.
An important motive for a "snail's action" therefore is the vigilance in dealing with life. The unthinking use of snails just by teenagers should be an incentive to show the students these animals from their interesting and beautiful site. The ecological significance in its most completely misunderstood and now highly endangered group of animals is also an example of dealing with our living environment. The only criterion is "useful" versus "useless" from the perspective of people separated in a dubious "worthless" and "valuable" (as cute or useful) life.
Snails can trigger feelings of disgust in children and adolescents. Upon closer examination and discussion this attitude usually changes into curiosity. Students can discover amazing phenomena studying independently by simple tests.

Main aims of the actions

  • Vielfalt der heimischen Schnecken entdecken
  • discover the diversity of native snails
  • recognize the role and usefulness of snails in the ecosystem
  • awaken interest in the worm as a representative of the molluscs
  • break down the prejudices and feelings of disgust


A 1 Discover the diversity of snails

Knowledge of species

A 2 Build a snail terrarium 

Temporary husbandry, habitat, assume responsibility for animals

A 3 Measure, weigh and draw snails 

Examine the physique of invertebrates

A 4 Locomotion of a snail

Sequence of motion, speed

A 5 Snail slime

Identify the necessity of snail slime

A 6 Sensory abilities of snails

Reaction by touch, light and chemical stimuli

A 7 Observe the ingestion of a snail


A 8 Diversity of snail shells 

Intra specific variation as a key principle of evolution

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